Treat Mom to a New Book from CHBB! ARV-3

Treat Mom to a New Book from CHBB!

ARV-3: “It has it all from first love, zombies-like creatures, heart-thudding action, all wrapped up in a page turner package.” – Amazon Review

I love you. Three words. Many meanings. All unsettling.

‪Even Vampires like a good bedtime story!
Vampire Therapy: Chronicles of The Cat’s Ass Boutique.
The Day That Many Things Happened!

Best Served Chilled
Mythology meets reality…

Soul Mates: Scent
“With the wait over all I can say is “why did I wait so long to stalk her?” Her story pulled me in from the beginning so much I lost sleep but it was worth it.” – Amazon Reviewer JacquieMT

Learn to Love Me
“Thankfully, I still have knuckles left because this truly was a nail biter.
I wanted to slap some characters and console others. By the end of the book, I felt like I lived the story right alongside Emily O’Shea.” – Amazon Reviewer Sarah Jayne “Sarah Jayne”

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