New this week from CHBB


NEW RELEASE FROM: Cara Jordan White
Redemption of Soul Dallas
Love can redeem even a broken Soul.
New Year’s Dream (An Angel of Darkness Novella)
One night, one wish…darkness disappears.
Book 1 –
Sex & Magic: Chosen – A Little Sex & Magic Book 3
18+ Only the chosen is worthy…
book #1, A Little Sex & Magic
book #2, Sex & Magic: Pulse
The Broken
Freedom is a ghost, whispering along the edges just out of reach.
The Touch
“I can feel generations of hate numb my soul.”
The Keeper’s Heart
“Let Your Heart Lead You”
A little dark to curl up with…
Fight for Dawn (book 2 of The Dawn Trilogy)
Sometimes doing the wrong thing is the right thing.
Angels Dawn- Book 1
Dead Girl
18+ Vampire Erotica Like You’ve Never Seen Before.
The Other Side Book 2 of Decadent Series
Ignorance is bliss…the truth is terrifying.
Book 1-

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