Come to the darkside, Vamptasy Publishing

Sarah Jayne Carr
Flavor of Regret
The doors of death are sealed with a kiss

Yasmin Fazli
Will of Hope (The Acryen Series, #1) COMING SOON

Jennifer Raygoza
The Guardians III: Blood Vengeance
Demons won’t let me rest until I accept what I am – a nightmare, a killer, a blood thirsty animal.

Skye Kinzley
Stormwind (The Storm Chronicles Book 3)
A Storm is rising under the Bloodmoon. And hell is coming with her.

Fox Chapman
Divine Atrophy
In the quiet town of Barra, Scotland, darkness is falling…

Carmilla Voiez
Basement Beauty
“Vampires and a serial killer prey on the streets of Glasgow. Amalthea is afraid of the dark, but is she afraid enough?”

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