Bringing you books with bite for over a year! Meet the authors of Vamptasy!


This year’s finest horror authors in one place. The only place to be and that is Vamptasy Publishing. This week, our offerings and showcasing begins with the people who make it possible, the people who are all so different in personality, skill and style and all are best sellers. They are great writers with fantastic horror stories that will put the living creepers in you before bed. Show your appreciation by liking their author pages and sharing this post. Thank you for reading the darker side to horror.

Carmilla Voiez

Enjay Taylor

Melodie Moon…/e/B00TKFFMHM/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

Joe DiCicco

Faith Marlow

Paul Flewitt

Fox Chapman

Brad Stevens

Jef With One F (Jef Rouner)

Simone Young

Yasmin Fazli

H G Lynch
Skye Knizley

William Press

Samantha Ketteman

Sarah-Jayne Carr

Daniel P Coughlin

Nina Mason

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