Vamptasy Publishing- Love the Darkness


Radioactive by H.G. Lynch out Friday ***NEW RELEASE***
*** She’s got a gun and a bad attitude ***
First there was the apocalypse. Now there’s Radioactive zombies, a corrupt and cruel government, a brutal police force, a crazy rebellion…and her, stuck in the middle of it all.
Basement Beauty – Carmilla Voiez
“Vampires and a serial killer prey on the streets of Glasgow. Amalthea is afraid of the dark, but is she afraid enough?”
Nina Mason
The Queen of Swords
How can he have a soul mate if he doesn’t have a soul?
Joe DiCicco
‘Her Final Sleep’
Her Final Sleep are beautiful, talented and above all elusive. But they have an incredibly evil secret.
Lynn Townsend
A Marked Man, Volume One of Forging Souls Duology
His word is his bond.
Skye Knizley
Fresh Blood, Midnight Roads Book 1
Slayage Just Got Real
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