CHBB Publishing- Where Dreams take Flight


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Waiting For No One
18+ Some things are worth fighting for.
Love Sucks Anthology
Edited by Mariana Thorn
It’s lovely to be in love… except when it’s not.
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The Lighting Witch Trilogy
The Lightning Legacy (Book 2) She will break.
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Stake-Out (Paranormal Detectives Book One)
In a world overrun with the Undead, one ex-cop is given a chance to get revenge.
Undercover in Love (Goddess of Love Novella)
“Payback is a… pleasure.”
There can be no light without the darkness.
Dark Light (Book #1)
Dark Light (Book #2)
Dark Light (Book #3)
Sleepers, Wake!
In a dead world a dream of hope takes human form.
#FREE on #KU
Devil’s Gate – Rue Volley, HOTINK
18+ Curiosity is a dangerous thing.
#FREE on #KU
Forging Bonds (Bonds of Truth Book #1)
18 +Can he teach a wounded sub to trust again, or will his secrets destroy their bond?
#FREE on #KU
The Consumed Series by Felicia Fox
18+ “When passion sets your soul on fire.”
Book one:
Book two:
Book three:
#FREE on #kindleunlimited
The Assistant’s Christmas Wish (Christmas Wish, #1)
18+ Christmas is for wishes.
#FREE on #kindleunlimited
Nothing Lasts Forever (The Seduced Series Book 4)
18+ ” You will find that forever is a lie.”
Right Now – book one
All The Right Reasons – book two
Happily Never After – book three

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