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.99 cents for a limited time only!
18+ Three common people embark on a journey across a land filled with deadly creatures and savage natives.

Book two in The Devil’s Gate Trilogy.
Where there’s smoke…you will find The Devil’s Fire.
New to this series? Start with book one.
ebook –
playlist –
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#Free on #KU
The Silver Lining
Love has no limits.

#Free on #KU
LOSS (Love. Loss. Lust Trilogy)
The course of true love.
Love book1 –

‪#‎FindYourWings‬ Grab the Bestselling ‪#‎YA‬ series

#Free on #KU
A Medium Rare
“Curiosity didn’t kill the Cat, but not for lack of trying.”

#Free on #KU
Death Eater: The Complete Collection
Love can survive anything…even death.

#Free on #KU
Hometown Girls: Reunion
“In the end they came full circle, just the way it was always meant to be ”
Book 1:

#Free on #KU
Renewing Bonds, (Bonds of Truth Book 2)
Fear separated them—Chance reunited them.
18+ Can they renew their old romance? Or will life tear them apart once more?
Forging Bonds (Bonds of Truth Book 1)

“The Red Sun Rises
Book 3: Seven Letters”
Tagline: His greatest loss. His deadliest enemy. His last battle.
Book 1-
Book 2:
book 2.5:

#Free on #KU
Ashen Rayne: Shadowlands #1
Where there’s Smoak there’s fire.

#NewRelease #Free on #KU
The Donor
“A rough, raw, and gritty story of love, loss, and hope.”

#Free on #KU
Blood and Milk-Book 1 (Tainted Dreams)
Wherever blood may fall tainted dreams and broken memories will always remain…
Book 2:

#Free on #KU
The Landlord
“One way or another, they always pay.”

#Free on #KU
Eyes In The Twilight
18+ Danger or Desire, She’s Not Backing Down.

#Free on #KU
Sirens in Steam (Alliance of Silver & Steam book 3)
A song can derail the noblest of men.
Demon in Steam
Nightmare in Steam-
Bite of Silver

#Free on #KU
18+ 12 erotic steampunk tales and 3 molten illustrations to fog your goggles and burn up your cogs!

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